Working with the Events Manager

For the events widget, there are two ways to fetch event data. Either method can be used for any events list, but here is a description and advantages of each method:

1. Within the Widget itself - "From List"

This works best when there are a smaller number of events to post. You can add new events, modify existing events, delete events, or drag and drop the order of events. To change the thumbnail image, just click on the appropriate item within the list and you will see the option:


2. From a Google Spreadsheet

This works best when there are a larger number of events, because it reduces the repetitive nature of many aspects of building the "in-widget List." Google Sheets will allow you to easily duplicate and manage cell data in a more efficient manner.

A possible downside of this method is that it is somewhat more difficult to use a different image with each event. It's possible, but because the widget draws the image from a URL (first column) the procedure is more involved. Here's how to do it:

Choose "Content" and then "Manage Images" from the left hand toolbar like this:

Click the "Upload" button and upload the desired image. Once it appears in the collection of images, click to select it. On the right side, you'll see a thumbnail of the image with a hyperlinked file name like this:

Right click that underlined file name and choose "copy link" or "copy link address" or whatever your browser calls it.

Then, paste that copied URL in the first column of the Google Sheet in the cell that corresponds to the event image you want to change.